Sump Pump Installations

Primary Sump Pumps


Your Primary  sump pump is the heart of your basement waterproofing system ! We install the highest grade commercial sump pumps to insure reliability . Our primary sump pumps carry up to a 5 year warranty so you can have the peace of mind you deserve with your investment ! 

Battery Back Up Sump Pumps


Our battery back up sump pumps also run on A/C power as a secondary back up pump. If your home tends to lose power this pump will automatically turn on and keep your basement protected with the pumping capacity of your primary sump pump ! Also this backup sump pump system has a control panel to alarm you of many different problems your pump system may have including if the primary pump stops working . 

Superior Sump Pump Switches


The first component to fail on a sump pump is usually the switch . To resolve this problem and get the most life out of your sump pump we only install sump pumps with 2 switches . This means the switch has a secondary back up switch built in so Incase if switch failure your sump pump will continue pumping like normal ! 

Finish products


Our sump pumps all come with a clean aesthetic finish . The enclosed liner has a strong durable lid that will be bolted down for security but also offers easy accessibility  for home owners .  

Sump Pump Alert systems


If you need more peace of mind you will want a WiFi module .  Anytime your pump has an issue failure or any other including power outages this module will not only email you to alert you , it will even send a text message to your cell phone! find out if your sump pump is compatible or how you can get a free sump pump  WiFi module during your free basement waterproofing estimate !